Underground Survay

What is Underground Utility Survey Mapping?

In the process of planning and undertaking both design and construction work determining the precise location of utilities is critical. Underground Utility Mapping , Underground services and Topographical Surveys by Helping Hand provide a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure above and below ground.

We offer a broad range of Underground services, Utility Survey companies and underground utility survey mapping solutions across UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah - provide resources for locating, identifying and mapping all utilities and repair routes along with gas, water, telecommunications, electricity and drainage, using the most recent innovative technology and tracing methods.

GPR allows us to locate metal & non-metal pipes, alongside the indication to buried with high advanced services, voids and ducts within the location plan.

Benefits of using FALCON SURVEY's utility detection surveys:

  •  Reduce the exposure to buried hazards.
  •  Non-intrusive survey - minimizes the disruption.
  •  Reduces the quantity of an intrusive investigation like slit trenching. Minimize risk.
  •  Gives the client overall deem against slit trenching which usually covers only a slight portion of a site.
  •  Gain confidence before excavation works
  •  Comply with the health and safety regulation.
  •  Latest survey equipment and software.
  •  An accurate record of underground utility depths and locations.


Deliverables include 2D Plan outputs, 3D wireframe and model drawings of underground structures/ chambers and associated cable and pipe networks, GIS outputs, Geo-referenced manhole photography, longitudinal sections & cross sectional views of pipework and other detailed reports.