HELPING HAND LLC, is a well-respected construction company that is involved in a full range of Buildings construction, Roads Infrastructure, MEP and Security Projects. We provide our Professional contracting services throughout the region of United Arab Emirates. It is the policy of HH to provide a service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We do this, by attracting the most qualified employees and by seeking the most reputable and high-quality sub-contractors and products.

Helping Hand, is an equal opportunity employer and doesn’t discriminate against employees and job applicants on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality etc.

Helping Hand, has implemented an Equal Opportunity Policy which forms part of the company’s Integrated Management System. The diversity of HH employees is its core strength bringing together a variety of skills, minds and experiences and putting it to serve the objectives of the company.

Helping Hand, hires, promotes and assign duties to its employees purely on merit and it doesn’t discriminate people based on:


Helping Hand, believes that Development not engendered is development endangered and offers equal opportunities of employment and professional growth to all genders without any discrimination.


Helping Hand, takes employment decisions based on merit and engages the right people for the right job. There is no specific policy screening out the candidates of any particular age group. In this regard, the company follows the laws of the country where it has its operations.


Helping Hand, doesn’t have any policy of barring potential employees based on any disability. However, it follows the laws of the countries where it keeps its operations.

Religion, Race or Nationality:

Helping Hand, believes in merit above all and hires people of all nationalities and religions without discrimination. This policy is not only adopted for employees but for all business relations including subcontractors and suppliers. The variety of people working with HH is its core strength.

Professional, Reliable and Affordable Services