HELPING HAND LLC, understands that civil infrastructure & building industry is the backbone of UAE economy. Thus, HH has set its feet in civil construction activities right from its birth. HH has completed civil infrastructure & building projects in main cities as well as far flung areas of UAE to the full satisfaction of its clients. It has a team of professional and experienced Civil Engineers, Supervisors and Foremen whose skills synergize together to deliver quality projects to its clients, efficiently and economically.

The plumbing activities of HH can be divided into three categories:

  •   Drainage Work
  •   Water Supply Work
  •   Storm Water Work

HH has completed plumbing projects with all of these activities in all types of constructions, be it Road Infrastructure, High Rise Buildings, Malls, Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Villas etc.

The HH technicians are technically skilled to work on any type of piping systems including:

  •   UPVC Pipes
  •   High Pressure Pipes
  •   HDPE Pipes (Butt Fusion as well as Electro fusion)
  •   LDPE Pipes
  •   GRP Pipes
  •   PPR Pipes
  •   Flexible Pipes

HH has built a variety of pumping stations for water supply as well as sewerage networks. The pump work of HH includes the below:

  •   Booster Pumps Installation
  •   Lifting Pumps Installation
  •   Submersible Pumps Installation

It has installed advanced Water supply systems in multiple projects to the utmost satisfaction of clients. These systems include but are not limited to the below:

  •   Water Heating System
  •   Water Cooling System
  •   Water Filtration System