HELPING HAND LLC, our Electrical Engineers and Supervisors are the guardians of power, fluent in the languages of Regulations and Supervision Bureau (RSB), ADDC, DEWA, and FEWA regulations. They are the sparks behind the scenes, illuminating not just road infrastructure but also breathing life into the heights of high-rise buildings, the pulse of factories, the knowledge hubs of schools, the bustling centers of malls, and the lifelines of hospitals. Their expertise electrifies every facet of our world.

The span of our electrical work includes supply and Installation of:
  •   Power cables and Wiring
  •   Solar Energy System Installation
  •   Electrical distribution boards
  •   Electrical KWh Meters
  •   Specialized Explosion Proof and Safe Area Switchgear
  •   Lightning Protection and Earthing System
  •   Area and Flood Lights
  •   Street Lights and High Mast Pole Lights
  •   Generators and ATS Panels
  •   UPS Systems
  •   Automatic Lighting Control System
  •   PVC and GI Conduiting
  •   Cable Tray, Cable Ladder and Trunking
We are proficient in conducting all types of dead and live testing including:
  •   Insulation and Continuity Testing of Cables, Wire and Electrical Panels
  •   Loop Impedance Testing
  •   Earthing/Grounding Testing