HELPING HAND LLC, we recognize that the civil infrastructure and building industry form the very backbone of the UAE's thriving economy. Since our inception, we have passionately embraced civil construction, leaving our indelible mark on projects across the nation's urban hubs and its remote frontiers, consistently exceeding our clients' expectations. Our dedicated team of seasoned Civil Engineers, Supervisors, and Foremen collaborates seamlessly, their expertise harmonizing to craft projects that exemplify quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We are not just builders; we are the architects of a better tomorrow.

The main expertise of helping hand in civil engineering includes the below:

  •   Villa’s Construction (New & Maintenance)
  •   Trenching, Mechanized Excavation and Backfilling
  •   Manual Excavation and Backfilling in Critical Areas
  •   Interlock, External Tile, Granite and Kerbstone Work
  •   Asphalt Road Demolition
  •   Road Marking
  •   Median/Pedestrian Fence Supply and Installation
  •   Road Studs/Cat Eyes Installation
  •   Gatch Road Work
  •   Smart Security Fencing & Security Gates Installation including
  •   Animal Fencing
  •   Barbed Wire Installation
  •   Concrete Boundary Wall Installation
  •   Water Proofing and GRP Lining to protect Surfaces from water erosion
  •   Installation of street Lights and Camera Poles
  •   Installation of High Mast Poles
  •   Installation of Duct Banks
  •   Supply and Installation & Refurbishing of Porta Cabin Buildings
  •   All types of Tiles and Marbles Work
  •   False ceiling and Gypsum Work
  •   Water Proofing Work
  •   Plaster Work
  •   Painting Work
  •   Block Work
  •   Aluminum & Blacksmith Works